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Kamis, 26 Desember 2019

Government Through PLN Light Up 236 Housing Residents

Government Through PLN Light Up 236 Housing Residents

The government is not playing in its efforts to develop Papua from all fields, as evidenced by the completion of the State Electricity Company (PLN) lighting up Papua at the end of 2019, as many as 236 new homes or customers in Amyas village and Rusweri village in West Supiori District, Supiori District, Papua has been electrified since last Monday (12/23).

According to PLN ULP Yomdori Manager, Reinold Kafiar, this is a Christmas gift given by PLN to the two villages, so that the celebration of Christmas and New Year, people in West Supiori can feel the light like in the city.

"Before PLN electricity entered the two villages, people still relied on electricity from generators that were not continuous, depending on the availability of fuel which is a non-governmental organization," Reinold said, Wednesday (12/25).

He also urged people to be wise in the use of electrical energy. Also invites the public to take part in maintaining electricity supply in Rusweri and Amyas villages, including asking the community to give up trees that are approaching the middle voltage network to be cleaned.

"I hope the community continues to use electricity legally and does not violate applicable regulations. Customers must be orderly in the use of electricity because there are binding rules, "he said.

The Head of the West Supiori District, Oktovianus Lodwik Rumbekwan in his speech said that he was grateful that PLN had electrified two villages in his area, so that the people did not need more self help to buy fuel.

"Thank you to PLN for paying attention to us. This is a real longing. So that this Christmas and New Year, we in Rusweri and Amyas can already enjoy 24-hour electricity. I hope that this electricity can provide benefits to people's lives and can encourage economic activities, especially fishermen, "explained Oktovianus.

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