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Senin, 23 Desember 2019

OPM Deliberately Creates News Hoaks To Affect Papuans

OPM Deliberately Creates News Hoaks To Affect Papuans

We need to know and we understand together that the security conditions in Papua in recent years experienced a shock, this condition is very influential on the economic conditions and the ongoing development in Papua. This condition is suspected by the Free Papua Organization (OPM) which is not tired of wanting to separate from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

By all means and rotten tactics, this group that is known to be cruel does everything it can to realize its desires. The number of cases of seizure, kidnapping and murder in Papua is one of them. Not only that, the number of hoax or Hoaks news always haunts the citizens of Papua also increasingly making residents uneasy.

The number of victims who died due to being slaughtered by this group also increasingly made residents uneasy and could not feel at home. Starting from Trans Papua workers who were slaughtered by this criminal group and there are many more homicides that continue to occur there. This condition makes the Government send military and police personnel to reduce it, plus there will be a celebration of Christmas and new year.

Because the many members of the TNI and Polri who were guarding in Papua made this criminal group even more cornered, they deliberately made up false news which said the presence of the TNI and Polri would only disrupt Christmas celebrations this year. The OPM makes a misguided opinion that the arrival of the TNI and Polri will only turn Christmas peace into violence and murder.

This opinion is really very misleading, and very contrary to the reality of what happened in Papua, the Papuan people are actually very happy and happy with the arrival of the TNI and Polri, they feel safe because they are guarded by the authorities. That some say Papuans live in fear and the shadow of past violence by the army is a lie!

The correct news is that the TNI and Polri will maintain and create safe situations and conditions in Papua, against the undermining of criminal groups that have been harassing citizens. National Police Chief Gen. Idham Azis said TNI and Polri soldiers serving in Papua were prepared to create safe situations and conditions, and also to maintain security stability ahead of the Christmas and New Year 2020 celebrations.

In addition, the Police and the TNI are expected to continue to work together in order to secure security at Bumi Cendrawasih. TNI Commander in Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto also reminded to safeguard security and conduciveness in Papua, the synergy of the TNI and Polri must be maintained. With strength and solidity we are sure we can dispel the desires of those who want to hit them.

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