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Sabtu, 28 Desember 2019

Papua's Grief Is All Our Grief

Papua's Grief Is All Our Grief

Really ironic indeed. The government as the main authority in a country wants a safe and comfortable situation in Papua. Like the conflict from separatist groups that still haunt Papuans. However, the Papua regional government wants the TNI and Polri troops guarding there to be pulled out of Nduga.

We as good citizens must know the responsibility of the government towards its people in order to feel safe and comfortable, but on the other hand it is reported that many Nduga people fled to the forest because of the separatist group shootings.

It is really a dilemma, we personally really want a lot of communication and discussion between the community and the central government and local governments to take the best steps.

Conflict in Papua, of course, must be resolved immediately, because it really disturbs security stability, not seeing who is right and wrong, we should gather and communicate, discuss and establish mutual agreement on how to make the situation in Nduga Papua safe again.

We love Papua, Papua is a part of Indonesia that must be prospered. Social justice in Papua is the responsibility of the government in particular. Likewise, separatist cases in Papua must be cleared up. It cannot be left alone because it threatens the integrity of the nation.

In order to improve economic growth in Papua, the Government will continue to pay attention to Papua as the mission of the Jokowi administration. there should be no more conflict, because the suffering of Papua is our suffering of the Indonesian people, because they deserve a sense of security, comfort and social justice.

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