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Minggu, 15 Desember 2019

Police: Don't Believe Info Hoaks from KKB Papua

Police: Don't Believe Info Hoaks from KKB Papua

Head of Public Relations, Ops Nemangkawi Polri, Kombes Gatot Repli Handoko became the speaker in the 'Grief of Nduga' Book Discussion Discussion written by senior journalist Kristin Samah in the Admiralty Room of the TNI Budieharjo, the Main Building of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (12/10/2019).

In addition to the Gatot Kombes, the speakers in the book review were members of the Indonesian House of Representatives in the Papua Electoral District from the Democratic Party Willem Wandik and moderator Kang Maman.

Gatot hopes that the incident will not happen again. Because, continued Gatot, the Indonesian people were the victims and the ones who were harmed.

"Because Papua is Indonesia. We want to be a whole society to maintain security in Papua," said Commissioner Gatot.

He also stressed the public, especially Papuans, to be aware of incorrect information or hoaxes to divide Papua.

"Be aware of hoaks made by KKB or those who do not want Papua to be safe," he explained.

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