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Minggu, 05 Januari 2020

Benny Wenda's guise revealed

Benny Wenda's guise revealed

The submission of the West Papua People's Petition by independent Papuan activist Benny Wenda to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (HAM) is a trap and a hoax. The petition was claimed to have been unilaterally signed by 1.8 million Papuans. But to date, he has never explained in detail the contents of the petition.

Before further criticizing the validity of the petition, it should be noted that Benny Wenda is a criminal. In 2002, the Jayapura District Court sentenced him to prison after being proven to be the mastermind of the murder of a police officer from Sentani. He was also proven to be the perpetrator of the burning of the police station in Abepura a year earlier.

He then escaped from prison and fled to Papua New Guinea (PNG), he later received asylum from the British Government. Although he has lived a luxurious life in his escape at Oxford, but it does not make him escape from his status as a criminal. In his escape, Benny Wenda then actively campaigned for untrue information about Papua today to the international world.

Most recently, he entered into a malicious agreement with the Vanuatu delegation to deceive the UN High Commissioner Commissioner Michelle Bachelet. He was infiltrated by a group of Vanuatu delegates during the discussion of Vanuatu's annual Universal Periodic Review by the UN KTHAM in Geneva.

Instead of getting international sympathy, the manipulative actions carried out by Benny Wenda with the help of Vanuatu increasingly open the eyes of the UN and the international public that he is with the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) organization is a large manipulator that justifies any means to achieve goals, namely separating Papua from Indonesia.

His action with the Vanuatu delegation who had deceived KTHAM, clearly insulted the United Nations and was very contrary to international ethics and protocols. This has also shown their diplomatic classes which do not respect the UN and diplomatic level at the international level.

The most important message captured by the international public from this event is Benny Wenda, a manipulator. The shameful incident finally opened the eyes of the international public that he was not a person worthy of trust. The claim of 1.8 million signatures is questionable, given the current number of adult Papuans (OAPs) claimed as signatories is not that much.

Another thing that should be doubted is the truth about the time of the signature collection which is only a few months, while the Papua region is very wide with nature that is difficult to reach. Publication of the condition of Nduga Regency after the barbaric massacre carried out by TPNPB-OPM led by Egianus Kogoya, spread by Benny Wenda through his Twitter account. (Benny Wenda's Twitter account)

In his flight abroad, Benny Wenda tried to deceive the international public with the manipulative issue of genocide in Papua. Certainly not yet disappeared from the memory of the international public, early December 2018, when the military wing of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) led by Egianus Kogoya savagely slaughtered civilians in the Yigi District (sub-district), Nduga Regency.

Benny Wenda also carried out a manipulative campaign regarding the condition of Nduga Regency after the massacre of civilians carried out by TPN-OPM led by Egianus Kogoya. He accused the Indonesian government of carrying out military operations and said that the TNI-Polri apparatus used phosphorus bombs, prohibited chemical weapons. The lie can be detected from the asynchronous data submitted.

Instead of getting international sympathy, the disclosure of the lies campaigned by Benny Wenda, it is not impossible to push the international public instead urged the UN to make the OPM and its military wing TPNPB an international terrorist organization. In fact, dozens of civilians were killed in a sadistic way by this group, not to mention the hostage-taking, attacks on teachers and health workers in a number of areas of Papua.

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