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Senin, 06 Januari 2020

Form of TNI's Concern and Attention to Papuans

Form of TNI's Concern and Attention to Papuans

Dansatgas Yonif 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad, Lt. Col. Inf Dodi Nur Hidayat said that it was an obligation for us (task force) to help all the problems that occur around the community. he added, we must always be prepared to carry out activities that are positive and help the communities where we work.

The bridge that connects between Anus Village and Podena Village which was damaged some time ago was the attention of the Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad task force in the Bonggo Post in Sarmi Regency, Papua Province.

The TNI, in this case Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 personnel, took the initiative to invite local residents to find solutions so that the bridge could be repaired and reused by the community in general as before, to reunite the two villages in the interior of Papua.

"As TNI soldiers, we must be willing to sacrifice our energy and thoughts to help the community in everything, so that what we do can make a great contribution to the community," he added.

The bridge is a vital part of infrastructure to be able to connect two different places and can cut travel time. The materials for repairing the bridge are self-help from the community itself, but in the process of being carried out jointly by the Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad personnel with residents of Kampung Anud and Kampung Podena.

Hermandus, one of the residents, expressed his gratitude for the help and contribution and cooperation carried out by members of the TNI who were willing to help repair the bridge. "We are grateful because the TNI fathers who have been willing to help us, so that we can cross this bridge again in carrying out our daily activities," he said.

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