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Senin, 27 Januari 2020

HOAX News Bullets Stray Again Circulating

HOAX News Bullets Stray Again Circulating

It is appealed to all Papuans to not easily trust all forms of news that circulate through print or electronic media that have been heavily circulating in Papua. Because the news is not necessarily true.

The news circulated that a grade 1 elementary school student aged around 8 years old was shot in the right rib section by stray bullets from the TNI and rushed to the nearest health center was hoax or HOAX.

From information that is still confusing like this, residents are expected to remain calm and wait for confirmation from the parties concerned. Do not then just believe with the news circulating. We must check the truth of the news.

If you see the scar experienced by our sister, it looks not like a scar from a firearm shot, but more visible injuries due to sharp objects. And from the information obtained related to the news, it is true that the wound was the result of a sharp object pierced.

According to information obtained from the Yokatapa Community Health Center that handled the child, the wound was not a wound due to stray bullets from the TNI, after checking and confirmation, it turned out that the wound was due to a fall and a sharp object.

The family of the child, who asked not to be named, said that his son ran scared when separatist groups blindly opened fire on residents and officials. Then the child fell and was hit by a wooden branch just below it.

Seeing this incident, the OPM then made its own news with narration that was misleading and panicked residents. The OPM has deliberately made the usual news extraordinary to create panic among the citizens, and to blame the security forces so that Papuans hate it.

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