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Minggu, 19 Januari 2020

Instill the Soul of Nationalism Early

Instill the Soul of Nationalism Early

To instill love for Indonesia's beloved homeland, TNI Soldier Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad who is a member of the Papua Task Force under the leadership of Lt. Col. Inf Dodi Nur Hidayat as Task Force Commander (Dansatgas) teaches children with disabilities to become ceremonial raisers Red and white flag.

Dansatgas Yonif 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad said that the training of the Red and White Flag raisers was in order to prepare children with disabilities to carry out the flag ceremony at the SLB Negeri that will be held for the first time.

"This activity is carried out so that at the time of the ceremony, children with disabilities are able to fly the Red and White Flag even with the abilities they have," he said.

Training children who have special needs must definitely have high patience, and this is an effort so that they are able to carry out flag raising activities well. We must instill a spirit of nationalism in the whole community and children with all their might and efforts.

Mimika SLB State School Principal Mr. Sunardin thanked the Task Force Infantry Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad, because the TNI fathers were willing to help and teach the children how to fly the Red and White Flag even though they had their own limitations or even has its own specialities compared to other children.

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