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Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

KKB Is a Threat to Papuans

KKB Is a Threat to Papuans

Not only demands a referendum on Papua, the Papuan Separatist group has a black record of various atrocities committed against fellow children of the nation. This certainly cannot be ignored, because it will potentially divide the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

The people of Papua are tired, bored and tired of hearing the words OPM, KKB, TPNPB and its political wing. The presence of these separatist groups has greatly disturbed the tranquility of the Papuan people so far. The people are now aware that the existence of separatist groups who want independence is a threat to all their brothers and sisters in Papua.

OPM's actions are clearly humanitarian crimes, OPM is not only a selling organization of false hopes for the welfare of Papua, but also a criminal and terror group that must be immediately crushed by the state.

The West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) separatist group has surprisingly recruited a number of children and adolescents to fight the Indonesian military forces. Such actions would have violated international conventions and violated children's rights to get a good education.

Of course this is not justified, because the UN working group has set out for children and armed conflict. Of course we do not want the atrocities to continue, Indonesia is big because of a sense of unity in difference. Not necessarily hostile to fellow nation's children. Immediately stop all threats of separatist groups to Papuans.

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