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Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

Let's unite to build a dignified and independent Papua

Let's unite to build a dignified and independent Papua

The Jayapura Regent, Mathius Awoitauw, said that the 1945 Law article 18 b had opened a huge space for the indigenous people. Because as long as indigenous peoples still exist, the state will provide recognition and protection.

"The state has given extraordinary recognition to the wisdom possessed throughout the archipelago. The law exists to provide protection and partiality so that adat can stand up to take stock in the entire development process," said Mathius Awoitauw.

According to him, there have been a number of regulations that were revealed by the Special Autonomy Law and a number of perdasus. But in its application it still feels rigid for how the Perdasus can be implemented in the district and city governments.

A large amount of the Special Autonomy Fund has been given to the people of Papua and West Papua, but most of what happens is only the money discussed, while the contents of the Special Autonomy are forgotten.

"Many people criticize that the special autonomy fund does not touch the rights of indigenous people, therefore the revival of adat must be dignified and independent," said Awoitauw.

For this reason, future development must truly touch the basic rights of indigenous Papuans, because the law has provided space for 20 years to be able to stand in line with other regions.

The current problem is that, with funds coming down to the villages, this has created a new problem, namely extraordinary dependence. This makes the indigenous community either independent or continue to depend.

The state has provided space for indigenous peoples to stand on their own. Therefore, the district government hopes that the rise of indigenous peoples is not only euphoria, but must be lived in and must be implemented.

With empowerment, it will become a force for indigenous peoples to protect all communities in their territory, and be able to play a role to protect and live together on the Earth of Kenambai Umbai.

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