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Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

No need to bring up Pepera

No need to bring up Pepera

Papua is an inseparable region from the Republic of Indonesia which is recognized de facto and de jure, but strangely there are still a handful of people and groups who still want Papua to be separated from Indonesia for various reasons.

The reason is PEPERA (Determination of People's Opinion) in 1969 which was carried out with full intimidation and cheating RAS Differences with other Indonesian tribes. Cultural differences during joining with Indonesia there was no development, instead the wealth of Papua was dredged for people outside Papua and others.

In addition, the existence of armed criminal groups KKB in Papua who helped encourage or provoke from external parties, namely opportunist activists abroad and a small country in the south pacific who always voiced minority against the Government of Indonesia, namely Vanuatu.

However, if we look at the reasons above, all of them can be disputed with accurate data, as is known that PEPERA is implemented by the United Nations, where in the implementation there is an observer country and the Dutch Government, so there is very little possibility of fraud or intimidation.

PEPERA in Papua on November 19, 1969 had been carried out smoothly, in an orderly and safe manner, this PEPERA was implemented by the United Nations and directly supervised by several observer countries, as a result the People of Papua and West Papua said they would continue to join and become part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

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