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Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

Papua in the Republic of Indonesia is final and cannot be contested

Papua in the Republic of Indonesia is final and cannot be contested

Papua is an island rich in natural wealth and cultural diversity, which is inseparable in the history of the struggle of the Indonesian people. The history of the entry of West Irian (Papua) into the territory of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is correct, so that the Papua part of the Republic of Indonesia is final, and there is no need to be questioned and tampered with again.

The Indonesian government rejected the agenda plan made by ULMWP, because it was considered to contain elements of Makar and it was suspected that there were parties who wanted to take advantage of the raising of various problems to several international institutions. On the other hand, ULMWP has joined a number of institutions and international forums such as the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) and the Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG). their purpose in joining the forum was to raise unwarranted issues about Papua into the forum of international institutions.

We need to know together that the agenda has been legally rejected by the MSG and PIF agencies, noted that only 2 countries supported the agenda in this case Vanuatu and Kep. Solomon. From there we can see that there are other parties who are not responsible for making the agenda to create an issue that will affect the people of Papua.

The process of entering Papua in the Republic of Indonesia has been through the right way and is recognized internationally. If there are a number of people who still question the history of the entry of Papua into the territory of Indonesia that has been determined through the Determination of the People's Opinion (Pepera) in 1969 ago, it means they do not know the historical process.

The UN has legalized Papua as part of Indonesia in accordance with the implementation of PEPERA already has a legal basis, namely UN Resolution No. 2504 issued by the UN General Assembly on November 19, 1969. This resolution was proposed by 6 countries and was accepted by the UN General Assembly with a balanced vote of 84 agreed, no one opposed and 30 abstained.

PEPERA not being disputed by any country shows that, Pepera is accepted by the international community. That is, Papua as part of the Republic of Indonesia has been recognized by the international community. On October 1, 1962 the Dutch government in West Irian surrendered this territory to the United Nations (UN) through the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) until May 1, 1963. After that date, the Dutch flag was lowered and replaced by the Red and White flag and the UN flag.

Furthermore, the United Nations drafted an agreement known as the New York Agreement to provide the opportunity for the people of West Irian to hold a popular consultation through the Act of Free Choice in 1969 which represented 175 people as envoys from eight districts at that time. The results of the Act of Free Choice showed that the people of West Irian agreed to unite with the Indonesian government.

One of the former leaders of Free Papua, Nicholas Jouwe, who has returned to the Republic of Indonesia because of his awareness, told all parties, especially the Papuan people to support the development of Papua, and do not question the past, because Papua's entry into the Homeland was final, and could not be contested. Papua is a legal part of Indonesia.

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