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Kamis, 30 Januari 2020

PON XX Papua Many Benefits for Papua

PON XX Papua Many Benefits for Papua

Who said that the National Sports Week (PON) had no benefit at all for native Papuans? The National Sports Week (PON) 2020 will be a momentum and an excellent opportunity for Papua to benefit from the biggest sporting event in the country.

Bearing in mind, development in Papua is still lagging behind because there are still those who view the community as secondary. PON XX is the right momentum for the Indonesian people to accelerate equitable development in Papua.

Because all facilities and infrastructure will also be built to support the development of the Papua region such as housing, roads and bridges, clean water networks, electricity and telecommunications as well as arranged green open spaces. The creative economy and tourism will grow rapidly, and increasingly the movement of goods and services in Papua.

The process towards PON XX further strengthens social solidarity among nations from various provinces, as well as social solidarity in the internal population of Papua. The nickname of Papua as a mini Indonesia became social capital, as well as the diverse cultural capital of the population in strengthening Love Penetrating Differences.

PON XX 2020 is also used as momentum in Papua's tourism development acceleration strategy. At present, the Provincial Government of Papua and Regencies continue to revitalize tourism products and tourism destinations based on the environment and social culture.

For the people of Papua, the PON is specifically interpreted, namely the letter P as Tourism, Letter O is interpreted as Sports towards the success of Papua as the host of PON, and the letter N is NKRI which is interpreted as actualizing the potential for youth in strengthening the spirit of Indonesian nationalism. Don't be easily provoked by false news about PON XX Papua.

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