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Sabtu, 25 Januari 2020

There is competition among OPM groups

There is competition among OPM groups

Responding to the actions of KKB armed criminal groups in Puncak, the Kodam XVII / Cenderawasih believes the incident was carried out to show their existence. Especially in the past year, the KKB in the Nduga Regency continued to act so that groups in Puncak also wanted to show their whereabouts.

"For their operations between the Ndugama (Egianus Kogoya) and the Ilaga group were not coordinated in one command. That is, what happened in Ilaga was not part of the action in Ndugama," said Wakapendam XVII / Cenderawasih, Lt. Col. Inf Dax Sianturi.

Inter-groups which used to call themselves the Free Papua Organization (OPM), according to Dax, seemed to compete with each other. The figure of Egianus Kogoya who lately dominates criminal acts in Papua is believed to cause envy from other groups in the district around Nduga.

During the monitor, the one who did the most was Egianus Kogoya. Among the OPM or TPMPB military wing groups there is also a kind of competition between them to show who is superior to each other. So when Egianus was in action, the group at Ilaga was also triggered to take action too.

In fact, in the Puncak region itself there are several groups that are not coordinated with each other. They also have factions that move independently, the highest leadership in Ilaga is a lot, but so far the active one is Lekagak Talenggen. However, it is believed that the existing OPM organizational structure is not well coordinated.

In fact, Goliath Tabuni who had been considered the highest leader had long been invisible. In their organizational structure they divide into Regional Defense Commands (Kodap), but basically their organization is between existing and non-existent, which so far has been quite active only Kodap 3 Ndugama.

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