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Selasa, 21 Januari 2020

There is a group that deliberately provokes Papuans

There is a group that deliberately provokes Papuans

Representatives of the Papuan Community, condemned the act of racism that befell a number of Papuan students who took place at the Papua Dormitory, Surabaya some time ago, because they were equated with animals.

"If this is indeed the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, you should call the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, don't let the word monkey exist. God created us in this world with a high degree, our time is said to be the same as an animal," said Yerangga, in the National Human Rights Commission building, Jalan Latuharhary, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Last Tuesday (8/20/19).

All people in Indonesia have the same rights so there is no need for insults in the form of animal words to call fellow brothers. The perpetrators of racism cannot understand that islands in Indonesia need each other.

There is no need to blame the Indonesian people in this racism case because the behavior of a few people cannot describe an area. Racism suspects against Papuan students in Surabaya have also expressed their apologies to the Papuan people. Because his actions are considered harassing certain races.

He is one of the elements suspected of hurling insults at the residents of the Papuan Student Dormitory on Jalan Kalasan Surabaya, some time ago. The action was recorded on video and viral on social media.

Conflicts about racism continue to be rolled out by certain parties, the KKB armed criminal groups that use the term MONYET to provoke Papuans who are outside Papua, the aim is to fry racism issues into conflict.

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