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Sabtu, 04 Januari 2020

Village Funds Are Used By Village Devices For Miras.

Village Funds Are Used By Village Devices For Miras.

It turns out that there are still some who do not understand about the use of village funds, this is evidenced from the findings of the Minister of Village regarding the misuse of village funds by a number of village heads in Papua. The Minister of the Village for the Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Abdul Halim Iskandar said, based on the monitoring of his Ministry, a number of village funds which were handed down to villagers in Papua, in practice were distorted by village officials.

"When they were asked, they reasoned that part of the village funds could be used for transportation, so the alcohol money was considered as transportation money because the alcoholic party was conducted on the way from the city to their village," Halim said at Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Saturday (4 / 1/2020).

The Ministry of Villages does allow some village funds to be used as transportation funds given Indonesia's diverse geographical location. But it should be adjusted to its designation.

The use of village funds for alcoholic parties by a number of village heads in Papua is one illustration of the village village chief's lack of understanding of village fund rules. One contributing factor is the lack of knowledge about village financial managers. Therefore, starting in 2020 the Ministry of Villages will promote the Village Head Training program and village apparatus especially those related to financial management.

"I have encountered so many deviations from the use of the village budget. Therefore, I have advised the attorney general that matters relating to irregularities in the use of village funds are not necessarily considered a violation of the law, because they may not understand the intended use of the village funds comprehensively, "Halim said.

The Ministry of Village will also conduct development planning training from the district level to the village level. He said he was aware that regional officials were still very weak in planning.

In an effort to accelerate village development, starting this year the Ministry of Health collaborates with universities throughout Indonesia to have a Village Education Program. Its activities include various types of training ranging from skills and managerial training. It is expected, with the existence of this Pertides, it can improve the quality of rural human resources starting from the village head, village officials and village residents.

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