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Minggu, 02 Februari 2020

Beware the Hoax News About e-KTP

Beware the Hoax News About e-KTP

Do not be easily provoked and trust the news circulating in the community. Recently hoax or HOAX news circulated on social media which said that Papuans do not want to use e-KTP, because e-KTP users can find out their location or whereabouts.

This information is very misleading, because until this moment, no one can find someone's location through an e-KTP card. These are just the tricks of Papuan separatists who want to upset citizens and attempt to derail the Papuan elections.

e-KTP or Electronic KTP is a population document containing a security / control system both in terms of administration or information technology based on the national population database. Not a chip that can be traced its existence like in a cellphone card.

Every citizen or resident is only allowed to have 1 (one) KTP that is listed on the Population Registration Number (NIK). NIK is the sole identity of each resident and is valid for life.

The NIK number on the e-KTP will be used as the basis for the issuance of Passport, Driving License (SIM), Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Insurance Policy, Certificate of Land Rights and issuance of other identity documents (Article 13 of Law No. 23 2006 about Adminduk).

The function and use of e-KTP is as a national identity that is valid, so there is no need to make a local KTP for obtaining permits. Then prevent multiple ID cards and ID card forgery, so that the accuracy of population data is created to support the development program, and can be used as a ballot card in elections or local elections.

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