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Sabtu, 01 Februari 2020

Check the facts before breaking news

Check the facts before breaking news

Never do stupid actions that will only harm ourselves, like this one of our friends, lack of education and common sense, this young man who is instigated by the OPM is determined to spread hoax or HOAX about the Papua Police Chief.

"Kapolda Papua Waterpauw, Immediately Responsible for Spreading Hoax About Papua Intan Jaya," wrote the account.

Located at the Mahavira Hotel in Nabire Regency, the Papua Regional Police Officers succeeded in Arresting Melianus Duwitau with Suspected Spreading of hoax news to the Papua Police Chief About Contact for Weapons in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua.

"The Siberian Sub Directorate Dit Reskrimsus of the Papua Regional Police conducts patrols and monitoring on social media who find Facebook accounts. Actors post electronic documents in the form of photos and writings containing hate speech / SARA and defamation by writing on the Papuan Regional Police Chief Inspector General Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, "said Commissioner AM Kamal Pol Commissioner to Editorial Reportage.

From the results of monitoring by the Siber Subdit V Patrol Ditreskrimsus Papua Police, as many as 5 Ditreskrimsus personnel went to Nabire Regency to arrest the Mel Pkn alias MD account holder, according to the Police Report Number: LP / 28 / I / RES.2.5 / 2020 / SPKT / Papua Regional Police on January 26, 2020.

From the results of the initial examination, the perpetrators who supported the OPM acknowledged that they had posted the Papua Police Chief's News on Contact Weapons in the Intan Jaya Regency of Papua by writing on the photo of the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Drs. Paulus Waterpauw. If something like this has happened, will OPM help?

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