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Selasa, 04 Februari 2020

Former OPM Can Live Normal and Achieve in Agriculture

Former OPM Can Live Normal and Achieve in Agriculture

Telangga Gire is a former aide Goliat Tabuni, frontman of the National Liberation Army (TPN) / Free Papua Organization (OPM) in the central mountains of Papua, who often launch shootings or crimes against residents and military / police officers.

Telangga Gire finally decided to turn himself in. In July, he pledged to return to the lap of Mother Earth after realizing that he had committed illegal acts. Since returning to the Republic of Indonesia, he has lived a normal life with his family in the Tingginambut District to farm.

"For this first harvest, I also invited Mr. Dandim 1714 / PJ to be able to attend and see first hand the harvest of corn on my land, where I and my family can continue to live like other communities," Telangga said.

As a former member of the TPN / OPM who had returned to NKRI, Telangga expressed his gratitude to the Dandim 1714 / PJ who had helped him a lot. Dandim, among others, provided seeds of corn, peanuts, also through the assistance of Babinsa and personnel from Kodim 1714 / PJ in agricultural counseling or other.

"Once again, thank you, I extend to Mr. Dandim 1714 / PJ together with a group who are willing to attend this first harvest event," Telangga said.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Inf. Agus Sunaryo greatly appreciated Telangga's hard work in gardening. He was proud because Telangga and his family carried out the first harvest of corn from their own crops. This is proof that the people of Papua can realize their desires with intention and sincerity.

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